About Us


Ridelify is the go-to transportation service for travelers who need to schedule a personal, stress-free ride at an affordable price. We’ve been on the ground since the beginning of the ride-share boom and know exactly how it operates.

We believe that everyone deserves their own trusted driver, and it's our mission to help foster lasting relationships between travelers and those who help get them to their destination. As Ridelify continues to grow, we've broadened our services to include variety of people and purposes. In addition to long distance rides, we now offer car hire (charter ride) nationwide, and we're getting involved with airport rides to help provide scheduled, personalized rides for those who need them.

With a trusted network of drivers and riders, Ridelify strives to be one of the largest long-distance ridesharing platform. The platform links people with drivers going the same way who want to travel long distances, so they can travel together. Ridelify seeks to become the shared road accessibility go-to marketplace nationwide. Affordable, user-friendly and comfortable.