When looking at alternative transportation options, there are many great reasons to give Ridelify a try.
  • • You can access all of our services from a single website, whether as a passenger, a driver or you turn between the two.


We take security and privacy very seriously for the benefit of all our users.

We'll verify that you have a valid driver's license if you're a driver and take down your vehicle info, including photos and video.

All data is safely stored and, plus we have strict terms in place that regulate the use of our website.

Location Accessibility

By choosing a pickup and drop off radius that lies along their indicated path, we provide functionality that allows the driver to maximize their availability. This means improved passenger accessibility-and vice versa.

Greater versatility means more ease for all and enables us to create a trustworthy passenger and driver group.


For businesses and individuals, Ridelify’s goals are becoming increasingly relevant. We enable you to minimize the environmental impact by reducing the number of individuals commuting alone.

Congestion from parking & traffic

Encouraging car sharing decreases the amount of single occupancy vehicles on a regular basis, helping us solve issues with parking and traffic congestion in the process saving money and time.

Simple to use

Our website is rich in features, and extremely easy to use.

Ensuring outstanding service and an immediate, observable reduction in emissions from travel.